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another perspective

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Date: Sunday, January 04, 1998 6:58 AM
Subject: [EK] Fw: [Fwd: [Ermine] In Memory Of Jafar]

>-Poster: "Alderton, Philippa" <phlip@morganco.net>
>A second perspective.
>Never a horse that cain't be rode,
>And never a rider that cain't be throwed.
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>: Subject: [Fwd: [Ermine] In Memory Of Jafar]
>: Greetings from Alexis
>: Ernie sums up much of what happened at the funeral home - what he missed
>: was that the Knights did not break Jafar's chain - they formed a human
>: chain of Chivalry (there were about 20 at the graveside services, and
>: around 30 attended the services, both Friday's visitation and today's
>: funeral).  Duke Dagan spoke of the loss of their brother knight, and
>: stated that they, as The Chivalry, must now step up their efforts on His
>: Behalf.  Others spoke a word or two, then Palymar broke the human
>: chain.  Then Sir Pieter van Doorn said he had the priviledge of swearing
>: fealty to His Highness Jafar at the hospital, and suggested this would
>: be an appropriate time for them to re-affirm their Oath of Fealty to Her
>: Highness, Kenna.  Which they proceeded to do - they all knelt in the
>: grass and recited their oath. (lead by His Majesty, Palymar)  Kenna
>: began sobbing as they began speaking, and was held up by Mistress Ghita
>: and Lady Lorelei (who is Kenna's apprentice sister to Catherine de la
>: Rose).  Many who were standing nearby that witnessed this moving scene
>: began crying (yup, me too). I spoke with Count Sir Ronin (who knighted
>: Jafar) afterward, expressing my respect and admiration for these actions
>: by the Chivalry.  He told me there were members of the Chivalry who
>: began to cry, as well, and could not finish reciting their oath, but all
>: had sworn their fealty in their hearts.
>: Her Highness, Kenna, was embraced by every member of the Chivalry
>: present after they had sworn their fealty.
>: As a side note, I was told that Their Highness of the East, Timothy and
>: Gabriella attended the visitation Friday night, paying Their respects to
>: both Kenna and Scott Hall's family. They left for home Friday night to
>: attend an Eastern event that was held Saturday.  (I was priviledged to
>: meet and work with them during Pennsic 24 when They were King and Queen
>: - They are wonderful, caring people.)
>: Thank you Master Erik for your summation of today's sad events.  I sat
>: in the front row with Sir William and Lady Isolde.  Perhaps tomorrow I
>: can write more of what I was fortunate enough to hear of the service.
>: Regareds, Alexis MacAlister (remembering the fun times we who were
>: Jafar's Curia were priviledged to have)
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