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Re: 12th Night Memories

Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>

My sister-in-law (attending her first event that day!) tells me the
afternoon court was most amusing.  She claims that at some point some
poachers were brought in, carrying a (plastic) deer tried to a pole.  They
explained to the King that they were only taking the deer on the orders of
the cook, who was then brought in to verify their claim.  I wish I'd been
there for that!

I most enjoyed sitting back and looking at everyone's garb.  There were
some truly beautiful pieces, both hand-made and commerically produced. My
favorite was a dark green velvet gown with puff & slash sleeves that was
made by its wearer.

The voice auction was great fun, and I understand that the truly beautiful
small wood chest went for several hundred dollars.  There was also a
raffle for smaller donated items, such as books, necklaces, and 6 yards of
Celtic trim beaded with freshwater pearls (which happily I won, so I now
have trim for my mother's garb!).  I was also incredibly impressed with
the illuminated book donated by one of the Ponte Alto ladies (I can't
remember her name)--stunningly beautiful work.

There was also a "taste and comment" display in the A&S area (My apologies
to the cook, whose name I do not remember) including a very, very good
marzipan pie.  There were so many impressive items on display--heraldic
pieces, shoes, other A&S works in progress.  Countess Bridget of Mercia
won the competition for best heraldic garb.

Kathryn Rous, Kappellenberg

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