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12th Night Memories

Poster: bellefleur@juno.com (Catherine W Raitt)

Eleonora has asked those of us who were fortunate enough to attend 12th
Night to relate some of our impressions.  

Donal and I had not attended very many out of town events in the last few
years, so the best part of 12th Night for us was renewing old
friendships.  When we returned Sunday, we listed at least 15 - 20 friends
we had known for 15 years or more and had seen only a few times in the
last 3-5 years.  And I know we missed seeing some others!  The trip was
worth it for us just for that!

Of course, there was the excellent feast (I just wish the boys would eat
more), the more than adequate hall, the Children's Court (I like the
idea), the shopping (especially the book sellers), the chest raffled for
the Oak (beautiful!), the entertainment, planned and impromptu, the many
awards given by Their Majesties at court, . . . I could go on. 

I say a loud VIVAT to the autocrat, staff and Ponte Alto for a most
enjoyable event!

Catherine de Bellefleur
(By the way, we found Donal's cap.)
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