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My new identity

Poster: jtrigg@softworkscc.com

After careful consideration, I have decided to change my persona and   
name.  My new persona is Blaise de Cormeilles, a mid-15C Frenchman.  I   
will be signing with both names at least until the paperwork goes   
through, but I would appreciate being referred to as Blaise whenever   
people can remember.

He who was once Jamie FitzGeorge
Jim Trigg, Lord High Everything Else (RL/DNRC) O-
Old SCA: Jamie FitzGeorge, AOA, Archer, bard, Seastar Pursuivant Emeritus
 Barony of An Dubhaigeainn, Eastrealm
New SCA: Blaise de Cormeilles, AOA, archer, bard, pursuivant
 Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia
Brother James Michael (THOM PBEM)
UnderNet IRC: Blaise (anywhere; the others are going away); Myrddhin   
(#SCA); Nolgon (#GURPS)
mailto: Jtrigg@hoflink.com; jtrigg@softworkscc.com

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