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scribe page

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Greetings Atltantia from your Clerk of Signet!

I have a most wonderful announcement to make - we have a home page!

I've been wanting this since I took office and after many hours of setup and
a few of testing, we have a home page for the scribes of Atlantia.

On this page I have scanned in tif files that are examples of past scrolls,
a text only version of the scribe's handbook and several links to various
points of interest.

The page is definitely under construction.  The major thing that I'm working
on now is a current version of the scribe's handbook which has not
been updated for a couple of years now.  This should be out in a couple of
weeks but
the text only version is definitely worth having!  It is nearly 50 pages so
wouldn't recommend printing the whole thing unless you're serious about

Thanks to Genevieve D'Evreux and the scribes at Windmaster's Hill for
a long time to get the handbook ready and scanned in!  Thanks to Kevin,
and Rosalie for their time in testing my links.  There will be more to come
but have
a look at:


Yours in Service,

Lady Rebecca the Contrary
Clerk of Signet, Atlantia
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