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Oak Writers' Guidelines

Poster: Heather Bryden <bryden@hers.com>

The Oak is the Arts and Sciences Newsletter for the Kingdom of Atlantia.
It is published bi-annually by the Office of the Kingdom Chronicler  The
Oak receives no guaranteed funding from the Society For Creative
Anachronism (SCA) Corporate Office or the Kingdom and  relies on
fundraising to cover printing and mailing costs.  Copies of The Oak are
distributed to all members of the SCA receiving the Acorn and to all

The Oak will consider for publication any articles, artwork, or poetry on
topics relevant to the time period 600 C.E. to 1600 C.E. and the context of
the SCA.

The Oak can always use more art and articles.  If you aren't comfortable
with your writing ability, the editor would be delighted to work with you.


If you are interested in submitting art or articles for The Oak, please
keep the following in mind:

1.  Short is good.  Space in The Oak is limited, and the people of Atlantia
have a wide range of interests.  It's better to acknowledge those interests
by printing a number of short articles on a variety of topics than devoting
a whole issue to a single subject.

2.  Focus is good   Brief articles are usually more effective when they
focus tightly on a topic.  For instance, 1000 words on the manufacture of
sixteenth century straight pins is more informative that 1000 words on
metalworking from 600 C.E. to 1600 C.E.

3.  Illustrations are good.  Written instructions are easier to follow when
accompanied by pictures.  If you can't draw, see if you can talk an artist
friend into helping you out.

4.  Documentation is good.  Demonstrate the relationship between your work
and a medieval subject or activity.  If you submit a poem, include two or
three paragraphs on how the form or subject matter conforms to a period

5.  Passion is good.  Draw or write about something you love.  It will come
through in the final product.


1.  All articles should be typed and double-spaced.  If at all possible,
please include an electronic copy of your article with your submission.
Most MS-DOS, Windows, and Macintosh formats are acceptable, provided you
label the diskette appropriately.

2.  All artwork should be done in dark ink on light paper, or in electronic
form.  The Oak budget does not permit the use of color or high-quality
black-and white reproduction, so please do not send photographs or very
fine line work.

3.  You are welcome to include illustrations or artwork from other
published materials, provided you submit full a bibliographic reference for
each illustration.  The reference should include the name and creator (if
known) of the original work, along with the page number, title, author or
editor, publisher, and year of publication of the book or periodical in
which you found the illustration.  If the work is a redrawing, include the
name of the artist who redrew the work.

4.  For articles and art submitted after September 1997, you must submit a
completed copy of the Kingdom of Atlantia Publication Permissions Form
prior to the publication of your article or artwork.  The form identifies
you as the originator of your work and grants The Oak permission to publish
it.  Copies of the form are available from the Editor of The Oak and the
Kingdom Chronicler.  The form is also printed intermittently in The Acorn.

5.  For works published in issues 1 through 10, all rights revert to the
authors and illustrators upon publication in The Oak.  If you have had work
published in those issues and would like to see it on the Web, please
contact the editor.  For works published in issue 11, all rights revert
upon print publication or upon publication on the World Wide Web or other
public-access electronic medium, whichever is later.  For works published
in subsequent issues, all rights revert as indicated on the creator's
signed permissions form.

For further information, please contact the editor at the address below:

Lady Elisabeth MacAlester of Kintyre
c/o Heather Bryden
2036 Hopewood Drive
Falls Church, VA  22043
(703) 533-8392 NLT 10 PM
E-mail:  bryden@hers. com

Tom Rettie                                         tom@his.com
Heather Bryden                                 bryden@hers.com

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