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January Laurel Acceptances and Returns

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

The following items were REGISTERED at the January Laurel meeting:

∆dric the Grene. Name and device. Per pale sable and vert.

Aethelgar Sheldwich. Device. Or, a dragon displayed sable, on flaunches
azure, two hounds combattant erminois.

∆thelwulf Cynricson of Stonegrave. Name and device. Vert, a stag rampant
within an annulet argent.

Afanasiia Volokhovna. Name.

Agnes Daunce. Badge. Or, three mullets pierced one and two, a bordure

Alessandra Bonaventura. Name.

Alisaundre Quinnye. Name.

Arianwen ferch Cadwaladr. Name.

Catlin McRay. Name and device. Sable, a spiderweb, on a chief argent
three pawprints sable.

Colin O'Bryan. Name and device. Or, a chevron between three
fleurs-de-lys gules, a chief wavy sable.

Fionn Bŗn. Name and device. Azure, three mullets of six points a bordure

Highland Foorde, Shire of. Badge. Azure, a compass star quarterly argent
and Or, a bordure wavy argent.

Mathaeus Blades. Device. Sable, in fess three wolf's heads couped, a
chief argent.

Robert de Clifton. Name.

Ysolt la Bretonne. Device. Argent, a mouse statant sable between three
ermine spots gules.


Laurel RETURNED the following items at her January meeting:

Adam of Erin. Badge. (Fieldless) A Celtic cross argent.
	This conflicts with Gormflait Suiban ni Cuallachta (SCA) Gyronny Or and
azure, a Celtic cross argent, fimbriated sable., with just one CD for
the field.

Henri La Grave. Device. Azure, a comet bendwise between six estoiles
	This technically conflicts with Genevra of Estolat (SCA) Azure
estoilly, a sun argent. There is no CD for the change from six to many,
and while there is a CD between a comet and a sun the difference is not

Robert de Clifton. Device. Azure, a chevron between two trefoils and a
garb argent.
	This conflicts with Beorn Collenferth (SCA) Azure, a chevron between a
harp, an axe reversed and a sabre-toothed tiger statant argent., and
Angela of the Stoney Oak Forest (SCA) Azure, a chevron between two
acorns and an oak leaf argent. In each case there is just one CD for
changing the type of all of the single group of secondary charges.

Stephan of Churchton. Device. Azure, a chevron ensigned with a Latin
cross between three annulets engrailed on the outer edge Or.
	This is being returned for a redraw. The cross needs to be about one
half the size it is and the annulets need to be thicker, so it is more
obvious what they are.

William le Red of Storvik. Device. Per pale argent and gules, a three
headed python displayed affronty counterchanged.
	This is visually in conflict with David FitzJames le Rouge (SCA) Per
pale argent and gules, a bat-winged tower counterchanged. In both cases
what you see is the counterchanged wings, with the tall slender central
figure being absorbed into the background.

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