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Names and devices ideas --- how to submit for TNNP --who is on the Heralds Committee

Poster: Tom Bilodeau <ThomasB@HCL-JMI.com>

Greetings unto the folks who have email access and who participate on
the Merry Rose as well as the (The Nameless Northern Principality =
"TNNP") Principality Discussion List from Lord Tirloch of Tallaght!

The TNNP Heraldry Committee was formed at the meeting held on 11 January
1998. Its members are:

Lord Tirloch of Tallaght, chair	(Ponte Alto)
Mistress Minowara Kiritsubo	(Dun Carraig) 
Lord Evan da Collaureo		(Stierbach)
Lord Hrodbeorth MacBeath	(Storvik)
Lord Julien de Montfort		(Spiaggia Levantina)
Lady Isabella Benalca'zar	(Bright Hills)
Lady Anarra Karlsdottir		(At-Large)
Lady Alanna of Volchevo Lesa	(Lochmere)
Lady Aelfwynn of Whitby		(Ponte Alto)
Lady Roswitha of Suanesfeld	(Lochmere)
Lady Alina Silverthorne		(At-Large)
Lord Pedro de Alcazar		(Storvik)
Lady Rhiannon ui Neill		Triton Principal Herald

Everyone is encouraged to send us your ideas and suggestions for the
name of TNNP as well as the arms of TNNP.

Please email them to tnnp-heralds@agent.infodata.com

If you know of gentles who would rather use the USPS to send their
suggestions, you are encouraged to seek out one of the heralds listed
above or mail your suggestions/artwork ideas to

Lord Tirloch of Tallaght
c/o Tom Bilodeau
13456 Cobra Dr
Herndon, VA 20171

703-437-6271  after 5PM but before 10PM EST.

In Service,


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