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A useful site for monolinguists

Poster: Erick and Sue <bduck@fred.net>

Greetings Good Gentles All,

Here is a useful site for those who enjoy visiting foreign web sites but
only speak the King's English.

>Some of you may recall Douglas Adams 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the
>Galaxy', a funny SF book where a small fish (the babelfish) was stuck
>into someone's ear in order to translate any language.  Well, here is a
>web page designed to translate English to (German, Italian, French,
>portugese, spanish) OR the other way around! You can plug in a web url
>and have it translate the page! Whoa!
>Of course the real test of these translation programs is to translate it
>to one language, and back to english. Here is the above sentence
>translated to French and back:
>It can point out Douglas Adams 'the guide of hitch-hikers of the galaxy',
>a funny book of SF where a small fish (the babelfish) has ╚tĎcoincĎdans
>somebody ear in order to translate any language. Well, here a Web page
>con┴u to translate English (German, Italian, fran┴ais, portugese, Spanish)
>OR the other way around! You can connect a URL of Web and translate it the
>page! Whoa!
>Pretty close ;) Some of the accent marks throw it off when translating
>back, but the gist is there.
>Anyway, I'm sure this will be useful at some point to someone ;)  It at
>least allows you a grasp on a web page you'd otherwise have no clue about!

Good traveling,

Sue Singley
Page After Page

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