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Poster: Michael Kannon <kannon@acpub.duke.edu>

Unto the populace, do I,  Lord Gaston du Valmont send greetings and well wishes

I have even more good news about the Tourney of Ymir!!   Not only, will we be doing everything that is listed in the flyer 
below, but, we will also be having a marshals training class thanks to their gracesÕ  Duke Richard and Duke Anton and on 
Sunday  we will have a official baronial fighters practice.  Even more good news is I will be participating in the fighters
practice afterwards, so if you donÕt have a good time, you can get into 
armour and beat the autocrat like a pi–ata.   

Unfortunately feast is already sold out (thank you to all who have already pre-registered). 
DonÕt worry  the good news is Kappellenberg will be selling a separate lunch in the merchants area and there are a few 
places in town where you may find food to your liking.  Even more good news is there is still cabin spaces available  
as of 11 PM  on the 24 of January  so get those reservations into Tangwystl (see bellow).  

my tentative plan is: 

5:00 P.M. site opens

10:00 - 12:00     marshals training class
11:00  -12:00     authorizations for both heavy and rapier will begin
12:00 - 1:00      open court of royalsÕ
		  last court of Baroness (divestiture)
1:00  -  1:30     sign ups for both heavy and rapier tourney  at MOL
1:30  -  5:00     heavy fighting tourney
1:30  -  5:00     rapier tourney
1:00  -  5:00     childrenÕs activities begin 
1:00  -  5:00     archery competition
1:00  -  5:00     axe throwing
1:00  -  4:30     bard competition in hall
6:00  -  7:30     court
	  	  resume court (royalsÕ)
	 	  investiture/ first court for new baronage
7:30 feast

after feast revel  in the hall

12:00 PM site closes stuff must be out of cabins and tents must be broken down
1:00   baronial fighter practice

Ymir 21 
Some Things Get Better With Age
Feb. 13-15

Oyez! Oyez! Hark the heralds call, it is time to dust off the Christmas armor 
and come  to  the Tourney of Ymir, AtlantiaÕs
oldest running tourney.  This years Ymir will include:   a heavy 
fighting tourney, a rapier tourney, archery , an axe throwing 
competition, endeavors into arts and sciences and everyoneÕs favorite, 
Cambok!  This will also be the investiture  of the new WindmastersÕ 
Hill Baron and Baroness as well as a touching send off for our current 
lovely Baroness. defiantly something for everyone.

Camping: Cabin space is available but limited, tent camping space will also be available. 

The site: The site opens at 6:00 PM on Friday the 13th  and closes at 12:00 noon on the 15th . 
The site is discreetly wet, NO ORIGINAL CONTAINERS!  The main hall will 
have a fire going all day.

Rapier tourney: Ragnarok is upon us!  Come gather with gods, giants, dwarves, 
demons and elves on the plain of Vigrid for
the last battle.  (This means MELEES!) For those who prefer individual 
fighting - the wolf Fenris has broken his chains.  Dare you face the 
challenge the gods themselves declined?  
Instead of a bear-pit, we're running a WOLF-pit... 

Heavy weapons tourney: Fought in traditional holmgangr style.  This double elimination tourney 
will be run by our own Duke Sir Anton with melees run if there is time.

Archery: target  competitions will be held by house Flaming Bolt, come try your skills 
against some of the best archers in the kingdom.

A&S: There will be a competition for arms and armour (pre 1100, Norse preferred), pre 1100 furniture 
(Norse theme encouraged), and last but not least a Norse theme Bardic competition! (poems, and 
theatrics are always welcome in Elvegast).  First time participation is encouraged because there
will also be a "novice" competition in all of the above mentioned 
categories.  A novice is defined as someone who has been practicing 
that skill less than a year.  Please bring documentation for all 
competitions, it doesn't need to be extensive. Anyone that wishes to 
contribute to the new baronial treasure chest  may do so.  Please bring 
donations to the A&S tables in the main hall.

The Lunch:  Kappellenberg will be preparing a hearty lunch large 
enough to fill the mightiestof Norsemen appetites.  Seek them in the 
merchant area.

The feast:  we can accommodate 120 people at feast, but those seats
go fast.  Lord Duncan will be serving up a wonderful groaning board 
feast.  Vegetarian dishes will be available.  If there are any other 
concerns with feast contact Lord Duncan at Tabrady@mindspring.com

The Kids:  Lady Quenthryth will be running all the children's games 
during both tourneys so bring the kids and leave them with this very 
capable and enjoyable lady.

The Cost: On Site/On Board  will be 12.00, On Site/ Off Board 8.00
Day Trip 3.00 after Feb. 9 add 2.00 per person for on board.  Children 
12 and under are half price.

Merchants are welcome, nay encouraged, but you must provide your 
own shelter!  please contact Lord Efenwalt Wystle for details and to 
reserve your space at Efen@hotmail.com 

Send reservations to :  Tangwystl Ferch Morgana
				C/O Mari Martin
				325-B Oak Run Drive
				Raleigh NC 27606
				(919) 851-0612 not after 9:30 PM please

IF you don't have E-Mail, or if you have any special concerns, 
comments, questions, wants,  needs, desires or beautiful young heiress 
send them  to the autocrat as soon as possible.
Lord Gaston Du Valmont
C/O Coty Kannon
6121 Iris Dr.
Raleigh NC 27612
(919) 847-9533 not after than 10 PM please
if you call please, ask for Coty.  I am only Lord Gaston on the weekends. 

Directions:   From north of Raleigh: take I-85 to exit 218, go south on US 1 towards Raleigh. 
Take the exit for NC Hwy. 98, turn right at bottom of ramp. Go 2.3 miles, turn right on Camp
Kanata Road, follow to site.

>From Raleigh and points south: take the most convenient route to the I-440 beltline (its 
the belt line around Raleigh) From the I-440 beltline take US 1 (Capital Blvd.) north out 
of Raleigh, near Wake Forest take exit for NC Hwy. 98, turn left at bottom of ramp. Go 2.3
 miles, turn right on Camp Kanata Road, follow to site

Michael Kannon

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