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Fool's 12th Night

Poster: "Efenwealt Wystle" <efen@hotmail.com>

<serious announcer> The following, obscure message is brought to you by 
the makers of Scum.

<silly announcer> For those of you who missed the Shire of Hindscroft's 
Fools' 12th Night last weekend (which I guess would be most of you) 
please know that his Low and Smelliness, FubarSnafuBoogerPickerUpper, 
patron of all things Turkish, is the newest kING OF fOOLS and EmePeRor 
of the UnIverSe(tm). Let us fart before him.


<silly bard (hops on one foot)> The royal lineage (for those of you who 
don't know it) would be Bob the Dogbytr, Booger, Bigbardboogerpicker, 
and then FubarSnafuBoogerPickerUpper.

<serious announcer> That's stupid!

<Greek chorus> Yes it is! Yes it is! It is really dumb!

<serious announcer> Shut up!

<Greek chorus> Galileo! Galileo!

<serious announcer> I said Shut up!

<silly bard> Oshi was also dragged from the kitchen and inDUCTed into 
the order of the duck for no particular reason. And Jason Hawke was 
awarded legs, also for no particular reason. I don't remeber who won the 
other competitions.

<Jay Leno> I'll bet they were pretty stupid though!

<serious announcer> Who let Jay Leno in here?

<Jay Leno> I pay my union dues! I have a right to be here!

<producer> Cut to a commercial fast!

<serious announcer> The preceding public service announcement is by no 
means humorous.
Efenwealt Wystle,
Minister of Silly Walks and Oil of Oyez by his stupidness' decree
whew, that's a mouthful

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