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Ice Castles

Poster: E-Lady@worldnet.att.net (Elizabeth Orwig)

Good Gentles;

For those of you who didn't make it to the Ice Castles event, you missed a
wonderful day.

Sun filled fields with what looked like a great time for the fighters.
(since the doctor hasn't cleared me yet to fight again,Ii am only able to
drool)  Though the ground was a bit soggy and damp, after warm up, most of
you lucky dogs in armour seemed to be having a wonderful time.

Still new to the kingdom, not knowing people in great and large groups, I
set out to make new contacts and friends. I am hoping I did so with those I
spoke to.

Congrats go to the newly betrothed. Here's to wishing you much happiness and
adventurous lives together.

I did not get to see the trubuchet demonstration, but from those who did I
understand it was a sight to behold indeed.  Many thanks to the folks who
put it together on their own land simply for the fun of it for us!

The feast......my goodness.... there was so much FOOD!  All of it wonderful,
and in ample portions.  The kitchen staff are to be commended for their
efforts. It was truly a spectacular evening.  Much dancing ensued
thereafter.  Though I don't dance... (in Calontir, we sing ) it looked as if
those who do, had a wonderful time.

Many thanks for all the wonderful people who made the event a nice one for
me. I thank this kingdom for it's ability to make a stranger from another
land feel at home.

Barony of Black Diamond;Canton of the Citadel of the 4 Winds
    You're dancing on a high-wire. 
         You need to be so sure.         There used to be a life-line.
                                                   There isn't anymore....

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