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Acceptances and returns for January (in Kingdom)

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

These are the results of the January LOI meeting.  The following items
were sent out of kingdom to Laurel:

Afanasiia Volokhovna - new badge 
	Argent, a wolf's head erased sable within an annulet azure.

Alesia Gillefalyn - change of device
	Per chevron inverted engrailed argent and sable, a rose purpure barbed
and seeded proper and a lion couchant guardant Or

Alesia Gillefalyn - new badge 
	(Fieldless) A lion courant guardanta Or vorant a rose purpure slipped
and leaved vert

Alys Montgomerie - new badge
	(Fieldless) A goblet per pale sustained by two talbots combattant Or
and sable

Anna Sabyn of Bordeaux - new name and device
	Vert, a winged lion rampant, a chief embattled Or

Bianca Isotta Viscari - resubmitted device
	Gules, a branch of mistletoe Or, fructed proper, on a bordure Or three
lozenges gules

Bran Trefonin - new badge
	(Fieldless) Three ravens close conjoined in annulo argent

Brianna Buchanan - new name and device
	Sable, a winged wolf segreant to sinister argent, in chief three pairs
of swords crossed in saltire Or

Brianna O'Dinneen - new name and device
	Argent, on a lozenge purpure a decrescent argent, a chief dovetailed

Cassandra the Forlorn - new name and device
	Per fess engrailed argent and sable, two crescents gules and a natural
dolphin naiant argent

Catherine Delacroix - new badge
	(Fieldless) Four ankhs conjoined in cross Or

Conall Ruadh Mag Fhionnain - new device
	Per pale argent and azure, two serpents glissant respectant, conjoined
at the snout and belly, counterchanged gules and Or

Dalkr Halftroll Snjolfsson - resubmitted device
	Sable, a horse's skull affronty Or, flaunches argent estencely gules.

Dalkr Halftroll Snjolfsson - new badge
	Or, a horse's skull gules between flaunches sable.

Daniela Schwartzhaupt - new name and device
	Vert, a domestic cat sejant between three needles bendwise sinister

Dionisia de Vere - new name and device
	Vert, a hand couped at the writst proper sustaining an open book
argent, on a chief Or three frogs sejant to sinister vert

George Bowie - new name

Giovanni Rocco - new badge 
	Azure, three bendlets Or, overall a tower argent

Glumr Kveldulfssen - new name

Jenet Fairhaugh - new name and device
	Argent, a bend between six maple leaves vert

Marinus, Barony of - resubmitted badge
	Per pale vert and azure, two marlins haurient respectant in chevron,
noses crossed azure

Mieszko ten Zielen - new badge
	Per bend azure and vert, a bend between two roundels argent

Nikulai Ivanovich - new name and device
	Per chevron argent and vert, in chief a fox courant to sinister gules

Opi Vali - new name

Robert Drake - new name

Rosalie of Rosethorne Castle - new badge
	Purpure, a tower within a wreath of thorns argent

Seamus O'Cuileain - new name and device
	Vert, a cross formy rounded Or within a stag's attires, a bordure
raguly argent

Signy Feilan Bjarnardottir - new badge
	(Fieldless) A turtle tergiant argent

Sile nic Charthaigh - new name

Sine ni Dheaghaidgh - new badge
	(Fieldless) A honeybee argent

Susanna Grey - resubmitted device
	Sable, a decrescent argent, a chief vairy vert and Or

Swieczka Kaim - resubmitted device
	Per chevron sable and gules, a demi-sun Or charged with a sprig of ivy

Una of Aire Faucon - new badge
	Gules, a bend embowed-counterembowed between two bears statant argent

Vincenze da Gubbio - new name

William MacGregor - new name and device
	Ermine, on a pale sable a dexter gauntlet clenched apaumy Or


Balder Harfagri - new name and device 
	Sable, an eagle striking argent, maintaining an arrow Or - Name was
returned for lack of documentation; device for conflict

Bright Hills - new badge
	(Fieldless) A mountain of three peaks couped argent - Conflict

Finn O'Flaherty - new device
	Argent, a squirrel rampant azure between three trees proper - Redraw

Fionn the White - resubmitted badge
	Azure, a phoenix displayed argent, rising from flames and vorant an
olive brange proper, a bordure Or - Redraw and Conflict

Genevia L'Isle - new name and device
	Per almost-bend bevilled fesswise sable and vert, three dexter hands Or
- name: lack of documentation; device: style

Marinus - resubmitted badge
	Per pale vert and azure, a mermaid and a merman playing flutes argent -

Marinus - resubmitted badge
	Per pale vert and azure, a fan argent - Conflict

Marinus - resubmitted badge
	Per pale vert and azure, an orle of lotus blossoms affronty argent -

Michaela ni Brallaghan - resubmitted name and device
	Argent, on a cat's pawprint azure, a mullet argent, a chief dovetailed
sable - name: lack of documentation and style; device: returned because
armory cannot be registered without a name

Morgan Wainwright - new badge
	Per pale sable and azure, in pale three buckets argent, each peirced by
an arrow pointing east-northeast Or - Style

Opi Vali - new device
	Azure, a wheel Or - Conflict

Robert Drake - new device
	Per bend sinister vert and Or, a duck volant sable - redraw

Rodrigo de Falcone - resubmitted device
	Paly argent and vert, on a bend sable fimbriated Or, three falcons
palewise, striking to sinister argent - redraw

Seamus Connachtach - new badge
	(Fieldless) On a triangle inverted argent a crescent gules - Conflict;

Vincetta de Jarvain - new badge 
	(Fieldless) Two holly leaves conjoined in pile vert, fructed gules -


Arnbiorn Bassi Dansson - resbumitted device

Sigrid Brianerdotter - appeal of name spelling correction and
resubmitted device

Tir-y-Don - new badge

Yarnvid - new badge
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