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Ice Castle

Poster: Otterspur@aol.com

Greetings One and All from Branwynn Ottersby, content and rested!

Someone earlier had posted a wonderful synopsis of Ice Castle. I
meant to reply to it but hit the wrong button and instead deleted it!
So forgive me if I repeat too many of the earlier poster's points -- my
memory is getting to be as good as my motor skills... ;^D

This was my first fighting event back in the kingdom of Atlantia.
What an awesome event! The barons and baronesses (outgoing,
incoming and visiting) were gracious and gorgeous; the royalty were
in good humour and looking just as good; the fighting was
a delectable all-you-can-eat smorgasbord, including the 3-man tourney
that was fought as a celled tournament (two cells of 8 and 7 teams
fought round robins within their cell, with the top teams from the two
cells advancing to the finals) and some interesting scenarios devised
by Duke Cuan for after the tournament; there were hot showers available
onsite for the fighters (a plus for this particular unwashed mass!); good 
conversation abounded; the cooks worked hard to prove their talents
with a substantial feast, including a very, um, unuuuuusual soteltie I saw
of "Viking Fingers" complete with veins and fingernails; the music
was delightful, including lovely serenading by Niall Dolphin and Bryce de
Byram, and I even spotted long-timer Morgan Wolfsinger making rounds in
the hall; the dancing was populated with many fine folks cutting
a dashing figure accompanied by wonderfully talented musicians...
in short, Black Diamond provided a warm, welcome
spot where all manner of beautiful people could have fun, make new
friends and reacquaint with old ones!

My lord was quite envious to hear all the fun he had missed, and
I'm sure that he will be first in line at the next Black Diamond event :^)
Or perhaps second, right behind me!

Peace to all,
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