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Earl Marshal's announcement for the March Acorn

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Greetings Unto Lord Rabah!, What follows is my announcement for the
March Acorn.

Greetings and Felicitations unto Atlantia from the Earl Marshal!

The following event reports are missing:

10/24/97	Transylvanian Travesty XIII	Bright Hills
10/25/97	Baronial Champions		Fortaleza/Windmaster's Hill	
11/22/97	Pilgrim's Progress		Tir-y-Don

Effective March 1st:

The experiment with the unpadded polearms is ended.  While there was a
great deal of strong opinions both for and against the unpadded
polearms, the basic question of "What do we gain by making this major
change to our weapons rules" has not be answered well enough to warrant
any changes.  It is hoped that the polearms made with the minimum amount
of padding allowed under the latest polearm rules will fit the niche
desired by the people who liked the unpadded polearms.

The following is a proposal for a formal policy on armor inspections and
minor rewording of the top of the armor and weapon regulations.

Section II. Atlantian Specific Armor and Weapon Regulations

14. Armor Regulations.  Atlantia uses the SCA regulations without

15. Armor Inspections.
A. All combatants are responsible for ensuring that their arms and armor
meet all applicable regulations.
B. All combatants must have their arms and armor inspected by a
warranted marshal before participating in combat at each event, practice
or other official activity.

16. Weapon Regulations.  These are in addition to those weapons
regulation in the SCA Marshal's Handbook.

14 and 16 are clarifications.  15 is the proposal for an armor
inspections policy.  
The following is the corresponding responsibility for the marshal in

R. The marshal in charge of an event must arrange for a warranted
marshal to perform arms and armor inspections.  At small events this may
be done by the marshal in charge, but at most events the marshal in
charge should have one of the events other marshal perform these
inspections.  Since any marshal can perform inspections, some fighters
may have their arms and armor inspected by a marshal other than the
marshal in charge or his designated inspector.

Yours in Service,
Duke Richard Fitzgilbert, 
Earl Marshal of Atlantia
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