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Media Suggestions

Good Gentles:

I have a sort of newcomer's meeting tonight at a Media Play (it's actually a
recruitment drive, but don't tell them that..;>) and the manager, who is an
ex-Marklunder, has allowed us to have this thing in exchange for a list of
SCA-recommended (NOT ENDORSED, for those of you who are worried about the
legalese) stuff we like to read, watch, or listen to.  That would be books,
movies, or music.

I have a reasonably decent list of fiction (i.e., Braveheart, Robin Hood:
Prince of Thieves, Excalibur, Highlander, The Lion in Winter, the Swords
series by Fred Saberhagen, the Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz, etc etc ad
nauseam) and an extremely short list of non-fiction.

Any responses with your suggestions would be welcome, but PLEASE don't start
trashing me for including something you don't find to your taste or that you
think sucks; like I said, this isn't a "SCAdian Members Endorse These" list,
just a "SCAdian Members Enjoyed and Recommend These For Your Enjoyment"

I am particularly interested in sourcebooks for any A&S activities.  The
title is a must, the author is a like-to-have-it.  The publisher isn't

As to music, I am not looking for specific songs, but songbooks,
soundtracks, etc.

With thanks,

Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon