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Re: *WH* Media Suggestions

Movies: The Return of Martin Guerre, The Advocate, The Seventh Seal, Henry
V, Beckett, Tricky Dick III (Richard III) and for the non-squeamish who
don't mind bloody scenes and homoeroticism (Edward II was gay afterall)
you can see Edward II.  Queen Margot and Cyrano de Bergerac are also great
flicks.  All the above give a decent view of medieval and Ren. life and
have good costuming.  Edward II has some modern costuming mixed in with
Renaissance but the text is all Marlowe who was a 16th century playright.

Books: The Gies and Gies series on Daily life in the Middle Ages is a good
recommendation for Scadians and new folks.  _Arms and Armor of the
Medieval Knight_ by David Edge and Miles Paddock is a must have, _Feudal
Society_ by Marc Bloch, _The Autumn of the Middle Ages_ by Johann
Huizinga, _Chivalry_ by Maurice Keen, _Arthurian Romances_ by Cretien de
Troyes, edited by Kibler and Carroll, any book by Barbara Hainawalt.
University Libraries are a great source of books on medieval studies.
The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer is also a must have.  Oh, I almost forgot,
William Marshall, Flower of Chivalry by Georges Duby, and Morte D'Arthur
by Thomas Mallory.

Music:  Anything by Sequentia, the Gothic Voices, the Baltimore Consort,
the Folger Consort, the NY Renaissance Ensemble.  Sonos is also a good
group as well.

Hope that helps.