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Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Lady Alison MacLeod wrote:
>> I moved about a month ago and for some reason I haven't received my 
Dec or Jan acorn and my oak. Who do I need to get into contact with to 
remedy this?<<

Unless you paid extra for first class delivery, the Acorn is mailed 
third class.  The U.S. Post office does not forward third class mail.

I assume the Oak is third class as well.

You need to contact the Milpitas office in writing to change your 
address.  Rabah can't do it.

Their phone number is (408) 263-9305.  Their fax number is (408) 

If you have a web browser, their web site is www.sca.org and there 
should be a toll-free number there as well as the address of the 
Milpitas office.  I recommend doing this ASAP because at this point you 
won't get the March Acorn and if you don't get a change of address 
processed before the last working day of February, you won't get an 
April Acorn either.

Copies of the Oak are available for $1 (or more if you wish ;) from the 


   - Anarra

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