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Re: Military Through the Ages

Poster: PDRUSS@aol.com

In a message dated 98-02-04 14:15:52 EST, you write:

 Word has spread that Jamestown, VA is hosting an annual event called
 Military Through the Ages.
 People who specialize in military re-enacting arrive, set up appropriately
 period camps and demonstrate various methods of butchering historical foes.
 Is anyone able to confirm this, have dates?
 Or deny this wicked rumor.
 Sue Singley
 bduck@fred.net >>

I've been to "Military Through the Ages" before. It's ususally in March. My
husband's WWll group goes to it each year. They have reenactors from Roman
times up to the Vietnan War. The medieval group that was there last time I
went, had a guy in a real suit of armor. The groups that go to this are much
more accurate then most SCA folks.  Sorry, but it's true. 

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