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Some TV programs of Note

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Wed 4 
  History Channel - Samurai Warrior 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a
  A&E - Medieval Soldier 10-11pm, 2-3a

Thurs 5 
  PBS in NC Cadfael Series III Morbid Taste For Bones 9-10:30p
  Mystery Homepage PBS says Rose is Rent Series III elsewhere

Sat 7
  A&E Sea Tales - Witch and the Pirate Prince 10-11am (Whydah)
  A&E Medieval Soldier 6-7pm

Sun 8
  A&E Treasure - Wreck of the Concepcion 6-7p

Mon 9 
  HC Man in the Iron Mask 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a

Tues 10
  HC Knights Templar 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a
Wed 11 
  A&E Footsoldiers - Vikings 10-11p, 2-3a
  A&E She 4-6a (means Thurs am)

Thurs 12 
  A&E Cyrano de Bergerac 4-6am means (Fri am)
  PBS Cadfael 9:00-10:30p
      in NC possibly "Rose is Rent" Series III. Yes, I checked the 
      website, and I know it says "Virgin in the Ice", See also the
      listing for the 26th. WUNC does not run the same series schedule
      as PBS. In fact I would check all Thursday nights this month.
      elsewhere "Virgin in the Ice"  Series II

Fri 13  "Feeling lucky, Punk? Well, Are ya?"
  HC Arabian Nights 8-9 pm, M-1, 4-5a

Sat 14
  A&E Grand Tour - Romantic Palaces of Venice 2-3p
  A&E Footsoldiers - Vikings 6-7p

Sun 15
  A&E Story of the Gun, from the beginning, parts I+II, 8p-12m
     again at 12m-4am.
  Patrick Stewart in Moby Dick? On TNT? Saw a reference, not scheduled

Tues 17 
  HC Great Ships - Pirate Ships 10-11pm
  HC Borgias - 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a

Wed 18 
  A&E Footsoldier - Napoleonic 10-11p, 2-3a
  for those who like the series

Thurs 19
  Check WUNC just in case for Cadfael at night.

Fri 20 
  HC I.S.O.H. - Scourge of the Black Death 8-9p, M-1, 4-5a

Sat 21 
  A&E Sea Tales - Trafalgar 10-11am
  A&E Grand Tour =  Imperial Hotels of Vienna
  A&E Footsoldier = Napoleonic

Sun 22  
  A&E Search for the Sunken Treasure Fleet 6-7p
  A&E Dragons - Myths and Legends 7-8p

Mon 23 
  HC Knights of Camelot 8-9p, M-1, 4-5a
  *Windmasters Hill SCA folks on WUNC in NC 6:30-11:30pm*

Wed 25 
  HC Holy Grail 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a
  A&E Footsoldiers - Yankees  ;8^P

Thurs 26 
  WUNC in NC Cadfael III series "Rose is Rent" 10p-12:30a according 
   to the whacked out schedule. Believe your local newspaper.

Sat 28 
  A&E Footsoldiers - Yankees 6-7p
  A&E Jerusalem - Holy Deadly City 7-8p

Check your local schedules, Times above are Eastern Standard Time.
Material gleaned off of websites. No guarantees of accuracy.

Magnus and Anne, Elvegast, Windmasters Hill, Atlantia and the GDHorde

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