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RE: Media Suggestions

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Heather Bryden <bryden@hers.com> wrote:

>> At the risk of sounding unkind, I would recommend you steer clear of
>> fiction with a strong fantasy element (e.g., Katherine Kurtz).  It's
>> perfectly fine stuff, but hardly appropriate to an organization that
>> nominally focuses on the historical Middle Ages.  If you're interested in
>> adding historical fiction, I'd suggest Dorothy Dunnett and Nigel Trantor.

Actually, I can think of few authors ***more*** appropriate to a Society audience.  Those of us who have been around for a while can remember when Katerine Kurtz (in her persona of Bevan Fraser of Sterling) was --- among other things --- Steward of the Society.  (Up until a few years ago that was the title for the position analogous to the current Seneschal.)  

Not to mention the fun of spotting Society old-timers in some of the characters in the Camber novels.  (Also, fun in things by Tom Deitz, Raymond Feist, Bob Asprin and a host of others. . .)

Alisoun whose book budget would be lower if it were not for the urge to support SCA-related authors. . .
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