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A&S - persona quiz

Poster: Erik & Karen Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

>The Persona Test
>     Welcome to Valentyn's Persona Test! The questions in each level =
>of the test are intended to act as a guideline toward further =
>development of your persona. You don't need to answer every single =
>question -- basically, the more you answer, the richer your persona =
>will become. Feel free to copy the text of this page to a word =
>processor. If you distribute the test via email or other means, =
>please include my email address so suggestions can be routed back to =
>me. Enjoy!
>       I. Level 1 - The Basics
>            A. What is your name?
>            B. In what century were you born?
>            C. What is your native country?
>            D. What is your occupation?
>            E. How old are you?
>      II. Level 2 - A Bit More Information
>            A. In what 25-year period were you born?
>            B. What was/is your parents=B9 occupation(s)?
>            C. What city do you claim as "home"?
>            D. In what city/town/barn were you born?
>            E. What is your ethnicity?
>            F. Who is your current employer?
>            G. What kind of money do you use?
>     III. Level 3 - Some Personal History
>            A. What year were you born?
>            B. What were/are your parents=B9 names?
>            C. What level of education do you have?
>            D. Do you fight? If so, where did you learn to fight?
>            E. List your skills/hobbies. For each, write down where =
>               learned.
>            F. What "class" are you? (I.e., royalty, nobility,
>               merchant, middle, artisan, slave, etc.)
>            G. How widely have you traveled?
>            H. In what capacity have you traveled? (I.e., military,
>               sailor, rich person=B9s hobby, etc.)
>      IV. Level 4 - This Takes Some Research
>            A. Who is your current monarch?
>            B. Who is the current Pope?
>            C. What religion are you?
>            D. Where were you educated?
>            E. With respect to international relations, do you favor
>               colonization, isolationism, conquest/conversion, open
>               trade, etc.?
>            F. Name your favorite musicians/artists/dances.
>            G. How long do people like you tend to live?
>            H. What major events have occurred during your lifetime?
>               (Natural catastrophes, wars, revolutions, discoveries,
>               etc.?)
>       V. Level 5 - Getting Pretty Deep
>            A. What political figure/party/movement do you support?
>            B. Who is the most significant thinker of your time?
>            C. What=B9s the greatest social problem in the country =
>            D. What is most likely to cause your death?
>            E. List at least three of your current goals. (Usurp the
>               crown, learn to write, sail to Chosun, etc.)
>      VI. Level 6 - Enlightenment
>            A. What=B9s the most striking scientific achievement of =
>               you=B9re aware?
>            B. Is the Earth flat, round, or hollow?
>            C. Does it revolve around the Sun, or vice-versa?
>            D. What causes criminal behavior?
>            E. What is the true measure of a man?
>            F. Who has most influenced your thoughts on these
>               questions?
>                                   [Image]
>     Credits and Thank-Yous
>     Thanks to the following people for their input and suggestions:  =
>    Monsignor Joachim Vanderhaus, Lord Larkin O'Kane, Iain Guthrie, =
>Alexander Peregrine.
>     And thanks to Don Aubrey de Baudricourt for use of his =
>incredibly thorough persona on the examples page.
>                           Email Valentyn@gte.net
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