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Re: Personal Book Question

Poster: SHADOSPON@aol.com

Well as the saying goes I'm guilty as charged...I'm 30 an I have done all of
the wrongs to books...but that doesn't mean I do it all the time...its a
matter of what I have and were I am...also the most important thing of all is
if I remember my book mark...my memory is very short term when it comes to
page numbers...funny that because I'm in the military and I deal with numbers
all the time and the remembering of them...<sigh>...I have a very good respect
for books...even paperbacks...I don't get rid of them because I'll read them
again one day, but I'm very careful with them...so I would have to say its a
personal thing...I suggest to all that they treat all books with
respect...every book has some kind of knowledge to impart to us its just a
matter of what we need and when we need it...heck a friend of mine just gave
me a book marker for Christmas...and I carry it in my wallet to in sure that
when I start a book I'll have it to keep my place...

Enough said if not to much said...

Opi Vali
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