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Re: Personal Book Question

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

>Pray forgive the intrusion.  I beg for all to participate in settling an
>arguement between my Lord and myself.

Gentle Lady,

I greatly respect your reverence for books and your gentle treatment of
them; however, I am afraid I cannot quite equal your level of care.  

Dog ears - I do not fold pages, nor does my lord.  (P'raps in a catalog or
magazine, but never, never in a book!)

Bookmarks - It really depends on how long I am going to be away from the
book, and its condition.  If I'm getting up to get a drink, I'll set the
book down open, unless it's very fragile or valuable.  A paperback novel
might well be left this way awhile.  Else, I'll use a scrap of whatever
paper is handy - receipts, torn corners of paper, advertising leaflets,
even (clean) bathroom tissue.  Once again, if the book is to be left
unattended for a short period (say, while I eat dinner - if I'm not reading
even then....) I might use a pen or other object, but not for a long duration.

I do like someone else's idea of remembering the page number, but if I am
interrupted frequently in reading, it is annoying to have to remember just
which page number to remember.....

Lady Kat

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