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Re: Northern pricipality

> > I'd just like to ask if there are any compelling reasons to create
> > principality.  So far I've heard:
> > 3) Somehow this will bring about more recognition- um, if it's not
> > happening with the local baronies, I'm not sure how it will happen with
> > a principality.
> I think it was not so much recognition within a baronial level, but
> rather higher.  I think the standard argument on this is that at
> present, due to the large physical size of Atlantia, pollings for many
> of the orders come back abstaining, simply because many people in the
> North don't know the person in question should the candidate live in
> the south, and vice versa; it's kind of a shame that someone should
> lose out on such a high honor simply because 3/4 of the people asked
> about him never was able to meet him.
> A Principality can help with this, by (I assume) allowing for a
> P.-level (and hence "crown"-level) order wherein all the polled are
> likely to have at least heard of the candidate, if not met him
> personally on more than one occasion.
> Mind you, this is all way out of my league, so I don't know if that's
> the case or not, but such is the argument as I understand it. ;-)

I asked about this before and was told that that would not make it
easier for someone to get a Golden Dolphin, for example, but instead
they'd be more likely to get a principality-level award much sooner.  It
would still be equally as tough to do a Dolphin polling.

> Julien
> who suspects he may be mis-using the term "crown-level", but hopes
> people will understand his gist anyway