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Re: Northern pricipality

> I'd just like to ask if there are any compelling reasons to create a
> principality.  So far I've heard:
> 1) Another hat to vie for- nice, if you fight...

Or another hat to cheer for, even if you *don't* fight. ;-)

> 2) More courts- to be honest that doesn't grab me, but then I'm not a
> court junkie.

To each his own.  I kinda like courts, so long as you can actually
hear everything going on (and no-one use flash bulbs in the middle of
it! ;->)

> 3) Somehow this will bring about more recognition- um, if it's not
> happening with the local baronies, I'm not sure how it will happen with
> a principality.

I think it was not so much recognition within a baronial level, but
rather higher.  I think the standard argument on this is that at
present, due to the large physical size of Atlantia, pollings for many
of the orders come back abstaining, simply because many people in the
North don't know the person in question should the candidate live in
the south, and vice versa; it's kind of a shame that someone should
lose out on such a high honor simply because 3/4 of the people asked
about him never was able to meet him.

A Principality can help with this, by (I assume) allowing for a
P.-level (and hence "crown"-level) order wherein all the polled are
likely to have at least heard of the candidate, if not met him
personally on more than one occasion.

Mind you, this is all way out of my league, so I don't know if that's
the case or not, but such is the argument as I understand it. ;-)

> 4) More local unified spirit- I'll admit I haven't travelled much in
> this northern region, but I can't really see how a new principality
> would make folks who haven't travelled in this region before, gung ho to
> do so...when I travel, I usually go south...

Well, the "unified spirt" thing is more, as I see it, a situation
wher there is already a natural grouping in the north (which, not
coincidently, is pretty much what's referred to now as the "palmprint"
-- those groups integral to the creation of a northern Principality).
Examples given being the Northern Regional Seneschal's meetings,
co-sponsored events among the groups in question, and other similar

As such, with a natural grouping already existing (if unofficially),
why not make it official?  People in the palmprint that wish to go to
Crown-level events but cannot because they may be taking place outside
their level of travel will likely be able to make it to most any
P.-level event, regardless of where in the P. it occurs.

A good example is that of a good friend of mine who would dearly love
to travel to Coronation so that her 8-year-old daughter could see
Logan once more before he steps down, but the travel time is too much
at this point, what with mundane life, etc.  Her 'sphere' of travel is
about a 4 hour drive, more or less.  More than enough for most all
places in the palmprint (even considering the fact that some of us
live way the hell out in Spiaggia ;->).  And that would mean just that
many "crown-level" events she and her family could enjoy, even if the
Kingdom-level ones were held much farther away.

who suspects he may be mis-using the term "crown-level", but hopes
people will understand his gist anyway

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