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Re: Northern pricipality

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

While all this is lovely poetry, since it has moved onto the Merry Rose,
I'd just like to ask if there are any compelling reasons to create a
principality.  So far I've heard:

1) Another hat to vie for- nice, if you fight...

2) More courts- to be honest that doesn't grab me, but then I'm not a
court junkie.

3) Somehow this will bring about more recognition- um, if it's not
happening with the local baronies, I'm not sure how it will happen with
a principality.

4) More local unified spirit- I'll admit I haven't travelled much in
this northern region, but I can't really see how a new principality
would make folks who haven't travelled in this region before, gung ho to
do so...when I travel, I usually go south...

And, I'll admit, I have no experience with principalities.  


> Poster: Otterspur@aol.com
> No child is she, Atlantia fair,
> In danger of her life;
> No house, no clan, no sept, no man
> Dare claim to be her sire
> And neither does she live the role
> Of maiden, lover, wife --
> She lives instead in all our hearts,
> Bold action to inspire.
> No bee is kept against her will,
> No rain is caused by men,
> No windmill's sails can harness
> That which Nature doesn't offer.
> The winds of change indeed do blow,
> But long Dutch arms don't cause them
> Nor do they seek to crush the lands
> They've worked so hard to nurture.
> One voice may seem a chorus--
> Like the crickets in the lea
> Who play so loud, their fellows'
> Hearts and minds to woo,
> But forget a herd of horses stands
> Beneath the tall oak tree,
> Quietly cropping, quietly watching,
> Quietly planning what they'll do.
> The field we tread is full of men,
> Why forge a ring so hollow?
> The coronet that's sought shall honour
> All our land, in sooth,
> The flame that burns within our hearts
> Glows brightly with Fate's bellow --
> But through a dim glass darkly
> Some do choose to view the truth.
> Peace,
> branwynn ottersby
> Forget not when first soft drops of azure rain fell pure and soft,
> Forget not when next warm drops of azure rain fell hard and fast,
> Forget not when last all drops of azure fall, they make the waves to flow.
> twinkies, my loves
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