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Re: Magnus' letter

At 12:27 PM 2/18/98 -0500, rmhowe wrote among other things:

> I believe that a polling will show a
>better view than that [Principality] list will, especially if broken
down into areas.

Someone else also wrote of this polling as if it were kingdom-wide.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I understood that such a polling
involves *only* such groups as are attempting to form a Principality.

Per Corpora - V.  BRANCHES:

 2. Principalities.  A principality is a part of a kingdom which has
the right to select a reigning Prince and Princess by combat.  **A
branch or contiguous group of branches within a  kingdom may petition
for principality status if the resulting entity would fulfill the
requirements  listed below.** 
     a. At least 100 subscribing members.
     b. A full staff of prospective Great Officers...     
     c. A name and device registered with the College of Arms.

     d. **Consensus favoring advancement in branch status, among  the
members  in the proposed principality. **
     e. A record of well-attended events together...     
     f. Sufficient members of the orders ...
     g. Sufficient fighters...
     h. A body of principality law ...

[** emphasis mine**]

The 'members  in the proposed principality' are, in this case,
Maryland and Northern Virginia.  While the rest of the kingdom may
express opinions on the subject, (in person, on the Principality
list, and on the Merry Rose,) the only ones who get an actual vote
are the populace of the affected area.