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Re: Northern pricipality

Poster: Otterspur@aol.com

In a message dated 98-02-19 10:59:18 EST, lindahl@pbm.com writes:

<< Looking at TNNP's webpage, I don't see any of the points in Henry's
 missive appearing in the "What are some of the concerns people have
 about a Northern Principality" section. And no, I don't want to
 contribute to the discussion mailing list now because I got tired of
 it last time, and don't want to see it recur yet.

Since Henry isn't here to restate his opinion, and I (among others)
was not here then, could you please sum up the points that you think
were important? You can be as brief as you need, but if there were
important points that need to be addressed, by all means let's address

branwynn ottersby
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