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Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

Good gentles:

There have been two messages posted to the Merry Rose today in
reference to 
The Nameless Northern Principality.  Both of them asked if there was
not a list
specifically for such discussion, and urged that all references to
TNNP be confined
to that list.

There is indeed such a list, and a great deal of discussion takes
 there, off the Merry Rose.  My files show that around a thousand
messages have
 been posted there since mid-December.

Some of those messages have recently been cross-posted here for very

Those active in the Principality movement have recently started to
hear that
 some people are saying:
1.)   "Huh?  What Principality?  How come I've never heard anything
about it?  
Are you all trying to keep it secret from the rest of us?"

One step up from this is: 
2.)  "This is of interest to the whole Kingdom.  Why isn't it getting
mentioned in
 the Acorn or on the Merry Rose?" 

Others have asked:
3.) "Why do you want a Principality?  (Alternatively, "Why are you
trying to 
wreck the Kingdom?")

I was one of those who urged Baroness Caitlyn to cross-post her
letter here, as I
 believed that she made some very good points to answer that last
question (in 
its first politer format).

Guess we can't win for losing.  If we don't post anything here, we're
 in a secret conspiracy. If we do, we're urged to 'take it to the
back room' and not
 bother everybody else with it...

Alanna Volchevo Lesa
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