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About Magnus' Letter

Good Gentles,
  I am sure it is apparent to you all that I, like some others,
am not at all amused by the thought of Atlantia ripped asunder.
That is how it looked and sounded from this end.

 After 16+ years of watching slow growth in some of the southern 
parts of the kingdom, and trying like so many of us down here to 
increase that growth, upon hearing and reading the matter I did I 
grew increasingly unhappy with the prospect and centered too much 
anger against Dafydd, whom I perceived as the primary protagonist.
  That letter, which was private and should never have been 
  reposted to this list, reflected too much anger against 
  Dafydd and I apologize for the rather extreme wording. 

 I was supporting Bryce de Byram's position, and wish to see the
kingdom whole. Distant, or not, the principality area has always
held a pre-eminent position in our kingdom. My view is that it's 
loss would be very hard on the remainder. When the issue spilled
back onto the Merryrose, what I had held simmering, overflowed.
I had not written (or spoken) to Dafydd in months because of that
anger I felt - as I was accustomed to do previously. Nor do I 
subscribe to the TNNP list.

 I called Dafydd last night and after about an hour of exchanging 
views on our respective areas, and why we held those views, we 
gained insight into each other's positions. I think we ended well
and on civil speaking terms again. He has sent me some statistics

 Apparently some of us not on your list, and receiving different
information, have vastly differing opinions of what you may, or
may not, be trying to do. Suffice it to say, that we live in very
different areas of geography and political attitudes. I don't 
think that those of us in Windmasters' have ever had the level
of politics and proximity that your groups have up there.
 Politics are not generally a subject of discussion here and we 
proudly see ourselves as Windmasters -and- Atlantians and have no 
other ambitions (to my knowledge) except to prosper as both.
All those I know here (I believe) wish to see the Kingdom remain
strong and whole.

 Thank you for your restraint and civility, my apologies,


 Thank You, Kiri, for your assurances, and I have always held you
in very high regard.