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Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

The Border Vale Keep Unofficial, Unauthorized, Unapproved, Guaranteed Low-Fat
Mailing List is up for late beta testing.

Subscription requests to sysop@catbox.win.net
post to keep@catbox.win.net


"Whaddaya mean ya can't run a mailing list on a BBS?"

This list, along with The Rialto, The Merry Rose, TNNP List, and other
newsgroups are available in ASCII, ANSI, QWK, FTS, and GUI formats for on and
off line reader access. Free Internet Email by request.

BBS is currently up 2200-0800 at (803)652-3759

 * PowerAccess 1.50 A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty
habits.  -Lazarus Long

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