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Re: On Courtesy Classes

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

And if not us, whom?  And if not now, when?

Well put, Your Grace!

>      Warm Greetings to all from Duchess Melisande!
>      Many centuries ago, a man came to Rabbi Hillel and asked Hillel to
>      teach him all of the Torah while the man stood on one foot.  Hillel
>      said, "Do not unto your fellow man as you would not have him do unto
>      you.  That is the whole Torah.  Now go and study."
>      I have taught many classes on Courtesy at many sessions of the
>      Univerity of Atlantia.  Like Hillel, I can sum up all I think you need
>      to know in a few short sentences:
>      Act in a way that would make your grandmother proud of you.  Say
>      please, thank you, and excuse me.  Be quiet and listen when someone
>      else is speaking.  Be helpful when you can.  And do all this
>      *regardless* of your rank, or of that of the people around you.  That
>      is all of courtesy.  Now go and study.
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