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medieval rudeness

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

I said:

>J>at night.
>J>Actually, today, it IS safe to walk most city streets at night.

You responded:

>Hoo! What planet you from? Some places are safe. Most are not. Some the
> won't go - even with backup.

I'm from NYC, one of the best cities on this planet! But anyway, note my
qualifier that
I said most city streets.  Anyway, I can take the subway alone with
little fear.  Last
time I was home, I decided to walk home at 1:30 am.  I walked 13 blocks
from the lower
West Side to Chelsea.  I didn't feel in any immediate danger.  Now,
there are places
which I will avoid day and night.  Those places exist in past and today.
I can say that after reading
about crime rates in Paris during the 14th and 15th century, I would not
go out at night,
especially being a woman.  On a political note (I feel an anti-Guiliani
rant coming on)
Guiliani is NOT responsible for the decrease of crime in the city.
There are many other
factors at work here.

Onto the next quote though...

> So how do we bring group pressure to focus on the rude individual? Can
we give
> out a 'toad of the day' award?

I think group pressure would include being told by the
monarch/baroness/seneschal or
some other official that rude behavior will not be tolerated and the
next time the
person decides to be a jerk, he/she will be told to leave the event.  If
someone is disrupted
in the workplace, a big cheese  steps in and gives some sort of an
official reprimand.
Same thing should happen in the SCA.  I don't think classes will work,
those who need them
most probably wouldn't bother to go. Action, example and active praise
of good behavior will 
have a better result. 

On a completely different topic.  Does anyone know how far the Gulf Wars
site is from
the New Orleans airport?


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