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Poster: Ann & Les Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

It is very interesting to me that this thread has come up.  A few of us
down here in Nottinghill have been discussing this very topic and
decided the way to encourage the good was to recognize it and pointedly
ignore the bad.  I know some peers (Mistress Judith von Gruenwald for
instance) who bestow their own token to those who impress them with
their talent or courtesy.  This is such a lovely thought I hope to think
up a meaningful token for myself to give. 

Recently HM Arielle began to give silver "C"s as recognition of
courteous acts.  She then made these available for other members of the
peerages, orders of nobility and baronage.  I have only given one so far
but the gentleman was quite touched.  He considers his behavior to be
"standard operating procedure" and did not realize how sweet and
meaningful these small touches are.

Now, nothing says that the expectation of courtesy is to be male
dominated :-)  Instead, it would be nice if focus shifted that way for
us all.

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