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Re: dropping of weapons and escorting into court

Poster: Ann & Les Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

I too have heard the King ask members of the court not to divest
themselves of their steel.  However, I learned as an SCA "youngster"
that members of the nobility were considered by that recognition to be
trustworthy in the Royal presence.  So for me and mine, that meant
divesting yourself before you received your AOA and not thereafter.  

As far as escorting gentlewomen into court....I like it unless it
involves someone leaping up and running through court to get to me.  I
agree that seems distracting and makes the effort seem more about the
act and less about honoring the lady.  If no one is near, I feel it is
just as acceptable for me to enter court in my own right.  I know some
ladies (Mistress Alisoun are you out there?) who feel it is an insult to
their persona to not enter court on their own.

Perhaps we could compromise by encouraging a gentleman who is near to
rise and offer quietly but accept the lady's wishes in the matter.

Anne le Coeur
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