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Re: dropping of weapons and escorting into court

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> I too have heard the King ask members of the court not to divest
> themselves of their steel.  However, I learned as an SCA "youngster"
> that members of the nobility were considered by that recognition to be
> trustworthy in the Royal presence.  So for me and mine, that meant
> divesting yourself before you received your AOA and not thereafter.

This actually, reminds me of when I was presented with my AoA last
spring.  It was at Cuan's Crown Tourney, and HRM was of course sitting
with the other notables during Baronial court (which preceeded Kingdom

Anyway, I was called up into Baronial Court, and when I stood up I
removed my dagger and handed it to my friend to hold as I went before

After I was done, I headed back to my seat, and was just about to sit
down when HRM Cuan called out, asking me to come before the throne --
and to bring my dagger with me!

Rather nervous (the comment from the peanut gallery "Oh my god, he's
going to kill you with your own knife!" didn't help either ;->), I
went back up before the Royals.  Cuan asked for and examined my blade,
and proceeded to award me arms right then and there!

I don't know if I was "scheduled" for court later that day anyway, or
if I had been brought to his attention and the removal of my dagger
reminded him of something, but I for one will certainly vouch for the
good fortune in removing one's weapon before court... ;-)


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