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Re: dropping of weapons and escorting into court

Poster: Jeanette Gugler <jgugler@mindspring.com>

At 21:28 02/24/98 -0500, Rhiannon wrote:
>Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

>The definition of rudeness is different for everyone and depending upon
>the circumstances, even the most tractable gentle may become snappish. 
>Had someone caught me after I finished sitting the Friday nite 11 pm to
>6 am troll shift for TRM's Coronation and requested I put them on the
>day's court agenda, I daresay I would have not been the world's nicest
>While there *are* true and very unfortunate instances of rudeness,
>perhaps extenuating circumstances or self-absorbtion/distraction has
>caused that gentle to not treat you with the utmost kindness or
>assistance.  Rather than make it worse by telling them off or calling
>for public beratement, try to show them kindness in return in the hopes
>that this will either make the day better (and thus, improve their mood)
>or will teach them better behaviour.
>Lead by example.  Remember, if you smile at someone, it is virtually
>impossible for them not to smile back.  Try it!  It works on me!
One other trick has often worked!  If I am carrying a load or two and could
really use some help, I ask for the specific help -- "Kind sir (or ma'am),
could you help me carry this over to the hall".  I've discovered that many
gentles are only too glad to help if you ask them.  (Sad that they didn't
think of it first...)  Usually I'm independent enough that I'll just do
stuff myself, unless an offer is made.  Maybe, though, 'giving them the
opportunity' to help will start some people thinking of other courtesies
they can do.  :-)

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