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dropping of weapons was (On Courtesy Classes)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> As for the dropping of weapons, while this is a courteous, it is not
> really
> what is being discussed here as Courtesy, and is more a tradition than
> anything else. I don't know if it's Western Rite or Eastern Heresy <g>.
> Could just be Midrealm fussiness, since that's where I first encountered
> it. And it can be taken to an extreme, as members of the Horde since the
> days of Yang have been known to enter the court of a king and spend five
> minutes divesting themselves of their steel. Be careful what you ask for.
	I don't know where it came from either but I know that the first
person I
	ever heard object to folks disarming was His Grace Cuan when he had
	called a gentle into court.  One of his guard had told the gentle to
	and disarm.  Cuan asked "Is this man a Lord in my Court?"  
	The man said yes and Cuan told him to enter armed. He's made
	this kind of comment repeatedly in courts and has been king enough
	times that it has changed tradition.  Was it a rule of courtesy?  I
	with Corun when he says "who knows".  I'd guess that it was someone
	who liked formalities as a guardsman and started the idea.

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