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Re: chivalrous manners

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Celynen wrote:

> You don't need to be Rubenesque to find people who can't pass the cooler
> test.  One of my favorite stories of poor courtesy was at Pointless War
> at 4 Quarters where I hiked up my skirts and prepared to carry a very
> large, very full cooler plus my garb bag down the hill to camp.  I had
> little concern because I figured I wouldn't really have to carry it the
> whole way-- someone would stop a assist surely.  Several near empty cars
> passed on my way down the hill.  None stopped.  Oh well...

This actually reminds me of a ironically funny experience I had once...

I was at Gulf Wars two years ago (which is on the whole usually the most
courteous and pleasant experience one can ever have) and we (the Sacred
Stone crowd) were staying in the motel about 2 miles off site down a small
residential road.  Well, we'd packed 5 people plus 3 sets of armor and
other luggage in my van and driven it to the war, so it became the primary
transportation car for the weekend.  At one point during my hectic day, I
wished to return to the motel, however, the others had gone back earlier
and were supposed to come back and get me.  Now, I am not overly patient
and quickly became annoyed that no one had returned on time to get me, so
set out on foot, figuring that with the amount of SCAdian traffic on that
road, I wouldn't get far.

SURPRISE for me!!!  A dozen SCA cars passed me without even slowing down
and I ended up hiking the two miles in full garb in 70+ Mississippi
weather.  The only car to stop?  Some local resident...  And although I was
honored he was kind enough to ask, declined since he was not a SCAdian and
unfortunately you never know...  They always say mass-murderers look so

The next year, one evening I was driving alone out of the site and saw some
man in a mail coif walking down that same road.  Not wishing to be guilty
of the same offense as those who passed me the year before, I stopped to
offer a ride and found him to be... JANOS!!!  I guess he wondered why I was


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