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Chivalry Does Live (was manners)

Poster: Erick and Sue <bduck@fred.net>

Good People--

After following this discussion and reading the many additions, comments
and anecdotes, I have come to an interesting if not valid conclusion and a
random thought or two.

The result of good manners is not only the way you feel about yourself, but
the way they feel about themselves--as someone worthy of grace.  (A nice
change from the way modern society in general bonks on us.) AND what kind
of person they see you as--a hero or...less than heroic.

A good way to guarantee you'll be remembered poorly is to NOT notice a Lady
or Gentleman.  To ignore an opportunity to offer assistance--more
packages/dropped items/doors when arms are full.  Isn't it sad when good
people do nothing.

You know, we are all hauling things at the beginning of an event--the
response of others in the morning can colour the rest of the day or even
the weekend.  First impressions can last and last.  And can be the deciding
factor if THEY are presented with the opportunity to hold a door open, or
help carry the other end of YOUR package.

Not forgetting that hand-in-hand with this goes, THANKING the individual
who offers assistance even if it is not accepted.  You are thanking them
for the offer of assistance, for thinking of you, and extending their

Here are the random thoughts:

I wonder why the assumption is that we ought to act with more courtesy in
SCA events than we do in Mundane Life.  If we are truly capable of noble
behavior at Events, why 'take it off' when we head back to our daily lives?
Don't we spend most of our waking hours in the 'real world' and, more
importantly, don't the mundanes who don't have our avenue of escape from
such treatment deserve gentle courtesy and a touch of grace in their day?
Wouldn't we be made all the more noble for it?  Why should we hoard all of
the goodies for ourselves?

It is easier to be kind to those who treat you with kindness....I remember
a phrase from a book,  "Oh no, you aren't a Princess.  The Princess is a
great lady who treats the lowest scullery maid like the Queen.  You would
treat the Queen like the lowest scullery maid." (Probably mis-quoted from a
long-ago book.  I think by Mercedes Lackey.)

What would a dose of good manners do for the outlook of our part of the
world?  Isn't this what the bumper stickers I see on MANY SCA driven cars
says, "Random Acts of Kindness...?"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Or am I just being a dreamer?

Wishfully thinking and musing,
in service to the Dream.


Apologies for horrid grammer and run-on sentences--this is how I think.

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