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Re: chivalrous manners

Poster: Heather Bryden <bryden@hers.com>

Baroness Miriam wrote:

>One might suggest that this sort of courtesy is often bestowed on the
>'ittybitty' and the cute more often than the, ahem, more robust ladies
>such as myself...not that I think this is always the case, but I often
>wonder if this particular courtesy arises from the wish to flirt or
>impress....no insult intended to those lords who lend a hand whatever
>the situation- I just think there may be some newer lords in need of
>pointers from the more skilled in courtesy.

I am saddened by your comment that "courtesy is often bestowed on the
'ittybitty' and the cute more often than the, ahem, more robust..."  with
the implication that courtesy is only used nowadays as prelude to

In my experience, there still are many good and noble gentlemen in the SCA
who lift barges and tote bales for ladies whenever the situation presents
itself.  A recent example that springs to mind is Earl Dafydd's squire,
Ciaran (sp?).  At Ice Castles, this dear gentleman ran frantically to the
door to assist Mistress Keilyn and I in carrying our things into the hall.
Now Ciaran was recently married to a lady of surpassing beauty and grace,
and I find it inconceivable that he may have had any motive for his action
other than kindness.

Elisabeth MacAlester

Tom Rettie                                         tom@his.com
Heather Bryden                                 bryden@hers.com

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