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Re: courtesy and smoking

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

In a message dated 98-02-25 11:19:23 EST, you write:

 I will say as well that whatever it is in cigarette smoke that kills me
 is not in pipe tobacco- I suspect it's processing chemicals.  I can
 stand and even breathe pipe smoke, but cigarettes make me turn funny
 colours and pass out.

I have found the same to be true for me.  I have athsma and a cigarette is one
of my worst trigger.  While most attacks can be controlled some can be fatal
and all attacks cause inflamation of the lungs that over time do lasting
damage to your lungs.  While bad knees and shoulders can be improved with
surgery..... lungs are diferent.
This person shall remain nameless out of courtesy.  There is one person I know
of that is aware of no smoking rules in common areas, has been told repeatedly
and asked politely to not smoke in the main pavillion.  This person just
doesn't care or feels these rules are not for them.  Many people talk about
this person and do not have a good opinion of s/he because of behavior like
this.  Courtesy and or disregard of courtesy is noticed by others and percived
as a gift or a flaw.  This same person is enragged when people are not
courteous to them.

As for peers I exspect them to be an exsample for others.  I have always
thought of the making of a peer as more a burden than a reward.....peers are
duty bound  to teach, contribute in thier field, assist in order pollings and
watch activities, attend meetings when other go to play, and are on display to
set a standard.  They must be human too.

I have been inspired by the conduct of some peersand angered by others.  Once
a former king put the co-autocrate of an event in tears by being a rude,
critical, picky, jerk. Many Ladies comforted her and exsplained how that was
normal behavior for that person.  Two Ladies recounted thier own harsh
encounters with this man.  I was mad and implusive so I went to the Queen and
told her that the autocrate was distraught.  She replied that that was just
"him" and the girl was too sensitive and shouldn't take it so personally. I'm
sure I objected to the statement then and I continue to object to it every
time I hear it about someone "important".  I was also wrong to have corrected
the king (even to his wife) and was reminded of this by a friend.  This friend
is also a peer.  He also reminded me how we select our Kings and that the
contest does not include diplomacy or courtesy.
  I continue to respect the orders and the crowns, however, I reserve personal
respect for the person basied on what I see.  I now go out of my way to
compliment people that impress me regardless of rank or position.  True
friends will not make excuses for you but help you to become a better person
with feedback and suport.

Also Human,
Lora Leigh
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