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Re: courtesy and smoking

Poster: RowenRhys@aol.com

In a message dated 98-02-25 03:49:01 EST, CptnBnytng@aol.com writes:

<<    To the point of authenticity of smoking,  I might suggest to those of us
 who must smoke to perhaps take up their habit in a period style pipe, thus
 even the nazi's can give legitimate complaint as long as we are courteous.
    In service to the populace,
    Captain bunnyetongue  >>

Yes, as a History Teacher, I can agree that the practice of smoking may be
period;  But, as you pointed out above (however obnoxiously), the methods
which are seen today were NOT period.  You have not only contradicted your own
arguement but have invalidated the idea of you, yourself, being courteous by
refering to those to whom an authentic environment is paramount as a "Nazi"
(and also I shall site you for incorrect punctuation usage on that
apostrophe!).  I am not a "Nazi" (as I am sure you are certainly swearing
right now) but only one to whom attention to detail is important.

Rowen ferch Rhys, originator of said discussion on smoking and courtsey
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