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Re: chivalrous manners

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

Gentles, All:

I am not saying that courtesy and good manners do not exist in the
Society, nor am I saying they are always only bestowed upon the
diminuitive or cute.  I am saying that, from my observation, that is
often the case, but not always.  I am saying that in general I think the
standard has slipped and needs a bit of seeing to, that's all.  Truly,
that many examples can be brought to bear like this does hearten me

> To shed some light on the situation:
> As the "itty bitty" woman in question, I was on my way to Atlantian
> court to join my Lord (Queen's guard that year), and was loaded down
> with wine, food, seats, and baskets.  I admit this was ambitious, but
> one must be well supplied for court.  The good men in question never
> told me their names or stayed after we arrived in spite of my offers of
> refreshments.  They went out of their way and past their destination to
> help me with my load of belongings.
> As for "itty bitty": admittedly I am a hair under 5'2", but as a former
> long distance runner and biker I am not exactly fragile.
> I will not easily forget the superb manners of these two unnamed men.
> Baroness Wrynne
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