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Re: chivalrous manners

Poster: Otterspur@aol.com

In a message dated 98-02-24 17:54:51 EST, heather@pop.net writes:

<< One might suggest that this sort of courtesy is often bestowed on the
 'ittybitty' and the cute more often than the, ahem, more robust ladies >>

You mean I can't be cute *AND* robust??!! WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 
*Now* I'm heartbroken :^)

<<wonder if this particular courtesy arises from the wish to flirt or
impress....no insult intended to those lords who lend a hand whatever>>

Hmmmmm...now, I've had guys offer to carry my stuff, and I've had
guys flirt with me, and never was I confused as to their intent ;^D

Sometimes, however, I wear my "I'm being a squire now" look so
that guys don't keep coming up to help schlep that stuff that I got
into with my eyes open when I accepted the "my toys are your
toys" part of my fealty...but even then people have ALWAYS held
the doors for me when my hands were full -- this past Ice Castle
was an EXCELLENT example of great courtesy on the part of a
variety of lovely gentlemen (and women). There was even one
special gentleman who very carefully allowed me to schlep all the
squire-related paraphernalia, so as not to insult my sensibilities,
but when I started on the big blue box that had my personal 
clothing in it, he requested to be allowed to carry that for me as 
he said, "It's not that I don't think you can carry this, it's just 
that I never want you to forget that you are a fine lady, too, and 
deserve fine treatment as well." How could I refuse? That gentleman,
BTW, is my baby squire brother, Ciaran MacGhabhain.

<<the situation- I just think there may be some newer lords in need of
pointers from the more skilled in courtesy.>>

As I mention above, Ice Castle was a great place to see courtesy
in action, and I think there were a number of new folks there, brought
and clothed by a VERY courteous and generous gentleman (I think his
name was Steffan? I'm so sorry if I get it wrong.). I think he is doing
a fine example.

And just on a side note, has anyone else ever noticed the effect that
crowding seems to have on humans in general? I find that looking back
on my life that some of my most difficult moments were spent in
places that were crowded (the worst were in *HOT* and crowded places;^).
Patience seems to get shorter, tempers seem to flare more easily --
I think crowded conditions are just a general stressor for the human
animal. So I guess that in a crowded hall, we must each make a 
*special* effort to relax and be easy on each other; it really helps.

brawnwynn ottersby
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