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Re: chivalrous manners

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

  Forgive me, Miri, my intention was not to indicate that the cute petite
ladies got more attention--I have been on the receiving end of courtesies
myself, and at 5-8 I am far from petite!  I have doubts, however, about
whether any person's motives for being courteous are really important, ie to
flirt or impress.  AFAIK, the lords in question left my friend as soon as her
belongings were arranged, and went about their merry way.  I have never had a
problem with anyone who does something to flirt or impress.  My observation is
just that someone went out of their way to be courteous, and it reminds me of
what I am here for.

  Considering "old" versus "new" lords, I have noticed that the newer lords
that I know have gone out of their way to make attempts to be chivalrous.  Not
to imply that the 'old' need refreshing or are uncourteous, but I recall
specific instances when someone who should have known better and had more sca
experience behind them than I did was acting particularly rudely and without
consideration to those around them.


>  Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>
>  One might suggest that this sort of courtesy is often bestowed on the
>  'ittybitty' and the cute more often than the, ahem, more robust ladies
>  such as myself...not that I think this is always the case, but I often
>  wonder if this particular courtesy arises from the wish to flirt or
>  impress....no insult intended to those lords who lend a hand whatever
>  the situation- I just think there may be some newer lords in need of
>  pointers from the more skilled in courtesy.
>  Miri
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