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On Horde Fealty and common courtesy.

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Helena C. Bretherton wrote:
> Poster: "Helena C. Bretherton" <mawrtyr@pantheon.yale.edu>
> My dear lord/lady (as I can't tell from your post), I must suggest that you 
>take care how you paraphrase what you have heard from others, and not 
>unintentionally insult someone.

> The household of the Great Dark Horde does not swear fealty to ANY kingdom, 
>as our household persona is that of a nomadic household.  Our household oath 
>recognizes and swears to uphold the dream of the SCA, and we swear fealty to 
>our household, but we do not as a household identify ourselves territorially 
>(ie., as part of a specific kingdom).

> In service to the dream,
> Raven Helmsplitter
> Household of the Great Dark Horde
> Erstwhile resident of Atlantia

This is quite true. The GDHorde -as a household- does not swear fealty
to any 
kingdom, we cover a lot of ground and are in all, or nearly all of them.

There would not be so many laurels, pelicans, and some chivalry, even a
within the Horde if we didn't swear fealty at times. Some brothers have
problem with it, but I understand that it was decided a matter of
conscience several years ago at Khuraltai. The principal prior problem
it I believe was with KSCA and fighting against one's swordbrothers.
never prevented brothers who became Laurels and Pelicans from performing
services within their kingdoms, much as they do now, even before then.

It is true that our primary allegiance is to the household however. But
many households have you seen that work as hard as Great Dark Horde
at major events, especially when disaster strikes, like at the wars.
serve the Society deliberately, and noticably.

How we work is as a household, where every member has a voice, but we
elect our primary officers. In that way we -are- different. The
is like a very large family, with loyalty within paramount.

In my own case, I made it clear I was Dark Horde -before- swearing
and made it conditional (and Cuan accepted it) that I never bear arms
my brothers in the Great Dark Horde. This was during the ceremony.

Horde members in many kingdoms would never get those awards but by
in the kingdoms. Especially since the Horde does not give out such
within itself. Attitudes toward the two Hordes do vary in different
but our members have usually held many important positions in them. Many 
Barons and Baronesses for example, and currently the Princess of
Our present Khan is both a Pelican and a Laurel. There are a Lot of
Peers. In this kingdom Baron Corun is Dark Horde Moritu. 

For those who may not know, there are two Dark Hordes, Dark Horde Moritu
the Household of the Great Dark Horde. They were once one, but split
ago, both retaining the same badge. Both have members in Atlantia.
Magnus Malleus, OL, Windmasters' Hill, also GDHorde.
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