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Re: courtesy and smoking

Poster: Nordaim <samann@cs.millersv.edu>

> > Now, personally I wouldn't object to seeing more folks gettin' their
> > tobacco fixes via cool period style pipes...anyone know if the fancy
> > carved styles seen in 17th & 18th C appear as early as the 16th???

	Pipes of the fancy carved styles did not appear in the 16th
century.  Instead the pipes were made of clay, similar to those from
williamsburg, except that the bowls were fairly small and the stems were
rather short.  Also, the stem hole was much larger.  These pipes were
used, in the documentation that I have, between 1580 and 1620.  This is
from "Historical Archaeology" by Charles E. Orser, Jr. and Brian M. Fagan,
pp 104 if anyone is intersted in taking a look.  Oh, these pipes were
mostly manufactured in England, and were then exported to the colonies.

	Scott	(Alfred Grai)

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