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a courteous anecdote

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  As am example of courtesty, one way or the other, let me give a
long-winded story *grin*.  At Kane & Muirigan's Coronation, hosted by Caer
Mear at their Camp Brady Sanders site, I was walking up the long hill to
the Hall (having completed a shift at Troll) when my sandaled foot trod on
a snake that was resting across the rocky "stairs". I levitated (how
surprising), and was struck twice before landing back on the ground. There
were two gentles sitting in the "smoking circle" to my left, and another
coming toward me from the hall. Since I had shouted a rather rude word in
my startlement, I said "Pray forgive me my Lords, but I have just been
struck by a snake, and do not know what type it is." As I stood there
shaking, the Gentleman before me drew his sword and made tiny bits of the
snake (wisely not attempting to grab it in the dark). The other two men
stayed where they were, leaving me to make my own way to the hall, still
unsure if I had been poisoned. My Hero followed me, after he had dispatched
the snake, bringing a piece of the animal with him so we could see the
pattern of skin and determine it's species. It was a copperhead.
   I was very very lucky that night. While struck twice, no skin was
broken, and no real harm done - except to the snake. I am, and always will
be grateful to the unknown Gentleman who overcame his fear and helped me
that dark night... and I try to NOT spoil the memory by thinking about
those two men who allowed a frightened and possibly fatally injured woman
to make her own way to the hall. I will also remain grateful to our now
Prince Michael, who went out onto the grass sward to find the remains and
remove the venomous head (well actually, he got rid of all of bits) so that
children playing there in the morning would not come in contact with it. 
   Courtesy is unfortunately rarer than it once was, but I choose to
remember the good examples, and give no weight to the poor ones.

In service to the dream,
Rosine of Rowanwald
Baroness of Marinus

"Always give her her own desk - and keep your hands off!" - RH Heinlein
Rowanwald Central

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